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The Mushroom Castle (Mushking Empire) Storyline.

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Requirements: Level 30-38. 2nd Job advancement, and some pots.

If you have not noticed already, when you go to “An Empty House” it’s usually just a little treehouse on the right with two platforms on the left swarming with Green Mushrooms. Well, stuff has changed. At the bottom left, you’ll see a really shiny green “swirl” portal. This is the main entrance to the Mushroom Kingdom. However, the requirements say 30-38 but you’ll be starting this storyline a few levels before your 2nd Job advancement. Most of the Pre-Requisite quests will be in sleepywood or when you get a job advancement, your job instructor will tell you something.

Level Requirement: 30 – 38

Guide includes:


How To Cross the Mushroom Castle Barrier

The King Pepe and Yeti PQ

Saving Violetta PQ

Quest Walkthrough




The Mushroom Castle is a huge place. Those who are within the levels of 30-38 may enter, and soenter the storyline of the Mushking and his daughter. It is a decent place, and if you start the quests from level 30, finishing all the quests should make you end up at level 35 or so. Although the time taken might be monotonous, it would be “better” than training, and you get a weapon/magic attack glove in the end.

Most of the quests require you to defeat hundreds of the monsters inside and outside of the Mushroom Castle. Monotonous, but it can kill time. Some quests also require you to get hundreds of a certain monster’s spoils.

The whole idea of the story here is that the Mushroom Castle has been overrun by King Pepe’s army of Pepes. The former key mushroom people are now on the outskirts of the castle, along with the sick Mushking. Not only that, but King Pepe wants to mary the Mushking’s daugher, Princess Violetta, to his idiot son. Everything is going haywire, and that’s where YOU come in.
The Head Security Officer’s brother, James, is also lost somewhere in the castle, who has grown in the castle for all his life.

The Mushroom Castle entrance can be accessed by going to Henesys, going left to go up the wooden stairs at the tree fort, and pressing up in the portal. Once there, go to your bottom left to enter the big vine portal in the corner, next to the mushroom house.

How To Cross the Mushroom Castle Barrier
The big question on everyone’s minds is on how to cross the sealed barrier. As said when crossing over the barrier, there are two options:

i) Poison Spore for a one-time entry use
ii) Killer Mushroom Spore Potion for an unlimited entry use

Poison Spore

The poison spore is really only useful for those who want to skip all the quests. But considering all the time used to hunt the spores over and over, you might as well do the quests for unlimited use, for EXP and the story.

All you need to do is to hunt Poison Mushrooms. They may drop from other monsters, but I can confirm Poison Mushrooms can drop them. The poison spores, however, are rare. Not too rare, but enough to be considered so.

Killer Mushroom Spore Potion

The potion is recommended for the rest of the quest storyline. You are required to collect Intoxicated Pig Tails, Mutated Spores, Poison Mushroom Caps. 100 of each. This may take a long time, but it’s required to get past the rest of the quests. Once this is used, you can enter the Mushroom Castle as many times as you want.

Getting Inside The Castle
There are two ways to get inside the castle:

i) Thorned Vine Up The Castle (Short way, quest)
ii) Trampoline Up The Castle (Long way)

Thorned Vine Up The Castle

From the Split Road of Destiny, you can take the top path to take this way. However, once you go into that portal, you are confronted with spiked thorns. This is the short way, but it requires you to go through the quest storyline, much like the first choice on how to cross the barrier.

Trampoline Up The Castle

From the Split Road of Destiny, you can take the bottom path to take this way. This way is longer than the first choice, by about three maps. So, when you go into that portal, you must pass 3 maps, then you will be confronted with a small trampoline to bounce into the castle, the same way you would in the first choice.

On the way from the Split Road of Destiny, there will be Intoxicated Pigs and Poison Mushrooms.

The King Pepe and Yeti “PQ”
The “PQ” is required to finalize the “end” of the quest storyline. It is deep inside the castle, so it’s a long walk. You are required to have at 2-6 people to take on the “PQ”.

Once inside, all you need to kill is the King Pepe and Yeti. However, there are three colors of yetis – Gray, gold, and white. In order to advance foward in the story, you must kill one of each. There’s no quest for it at first, but when you kill one, the quest is immediately started and initiated.

All three bosses have 120,000 HP each. They only deal about 200-350 damage, so they are easy. You have a decent 10 minutes to finish the boss off each time. You only need a few potions, but considering you need to get all three down, you need a decent amount. A good idea to get the boss color you want is to enter then leave, and repeat.

Once killed, the boss will drop his color horn (no use), some random, useless spoils, as well as five class boxes. When one of them is looted, the other four will disappear. When they are looted (untradable), they can be opened for their class potions, OR, you may luckily get a King Pepe armor/weapon of that class. They have the same looks and stats as the normal level 30/35 equipment, but have more stats. They are decent, but it’s not really something to hunt for. They can also be scrolled with a King Pepe scroll, which can only be achieved by accepting the quest, which requires you to kill many hundreds of monsters in the Mushroom Castle area.

Saving Violetta “PQ”
This is the second “PQ”. You may not do this PQ until you have defeated the three Gray, Gold, and White King Pepe and Yeti bosses. Once you have finished that, you may proceed on to this “PQ”.

This is much more of a quest on its own, for you can only really do this once. You are allowed to come back to try again, but you can only talk to Princess Violetta.

When you enter, go right, into the Wedding Hall. Once you are there, you are confronted with the wedding! Talk to the NPCs, then watch King Pepe summon the mastermind – The missing Prime Minister. He is fairly easy, harboring only 12,500 HP, and should almost always give his Prime Minister card for the monster book. You are then sent by Violetta to finish off the rest of the quests, and ultimately finishing the storyline.

Renegade Spores; HP ??? / MP ??? / 63 EXP; Secluded Mushroom Forest, Isolated Mushroom Forest, Deep Inside Mushroom Forest; Mutated Spore

Poison Mushroom; HP ??? / MP ??? / 65 EXP; Isolated Mushroom Forest, Deep Inside Mushroom Forest, Split Road of Destiny; Poison Mushroom Cap

Helmet Pepe; HP ??? / MP ??? / 71 EXP; Skyscraper 1, 2, 3, 4, Security Room;
Destroyed Helmet Pepe Helmet

Royal Pepe Guard; HP ??? / MP ??? / 75 EXP; Skyscraper 4, 5

Prime Minister; 12500 HP / MP ??? / ??? EXP

Gray/Gold/White King Pepe and Yeti; 120000 HP / ??? MP / ??? EXP

All quests are level 30 – 38 unless otherwise stated
Scroll down to see what quest you are on; order is chronological

i) Endangered Mushking Empire
Requirement: Give the letter to the Head Security Officer
Reward: Teleported to the Mushroom Forest Field
Notes: As soon as you hit second job at level 30, this quest is initiated. This is simply a one-way trip to the Mushroom Castle area.

ii) The Test
Requirement: 50 Mutated Spores
Reward: 11,500 EXP
Notes: Go right of the Mushroom Forest Field (with the NPCs) and you should see the map for the Renegade Spores. They will drop the Mutated Spores.

iii) The Story Behind The Case
Requirement: Talk to the Secretary of Domestic Affairs
Reward: 4,000 EXP
Notes: Go west from the Head Security Officer to talk to the secretary.

iv) Exploring Mushroom Forest (1)
Requirement: Investigate the barrier to Mushroom Castle.
Reward: 8,300 EXP
Notes: To get to the barrier, go east 3 maps to get to the vine portal with the yellow arrow pointing to it. Pass through the arrow, and you’ll get auto-dialogue from investigating.

v) Exploring Mushroom Forest (2)
Requirement: Talk to the Secretary of Magic.
Reward: 4,000 EXP
Notes: Go west (should be in your view) to the NPC that is furthest to the left.

vi) Exploring Mushroom Forest (3)
Requirement: Talk to Scarrs.
Reward: 4,200 EXP
Notes: From the Secretary of Magic, take the lower path, then go right. Talk to the old man with the moustache that has a book on the mushroom.

vii) Killer Mushroom Spores (1)
Requirement: Get 100 Poison Mushroom Caps.
Reward: 13,500 EXP
Notes: From there, take the top portal and keep going east. The map with the barrier has Poison Mushrooms on the top. (Alternative, get a rare Poison Spore from the Poison Mushroom to break the barrier once, then the map after the barrier is full of Poison Mushrooms)

vii) Killer Mushroom Spores (2)
Requirement: Get 50 Mutated Spores.
Reward: 11,500 EXP, Killer Mushroom Spore Sample (2)
Notes: Get the same Mutated Spores from the Renegade Spores from before. They are plentiful in the map right of the Mushroom Forest Field.

viii) Friendship with Bruce
Requirement: Talk to Bruce in Henesys.
Reward: 8,800 EXP
Notes: To get to Bruce, go to the middle of Henesys next to Cassandra. He’s the one holding the bone.

ix) Killer Mushroom Spores (3)
Requirement: Give the Killer Mushroom Spore Sample to the Secretary of Magic.
Reward: 4,200 EXP
Notes: Go left from there, he’s the left-most NPC of the map.

x) Over The Castle Walls (1)
Requirement: Talk to the Secretary of Domestic Affairs.
Reward: 2,500 EXP
Notes: Go east from there, the one with the green mushroom cap and a brown moustache.

xi) Over The Castle Walls (2)
Requirement: Investigate the Outer Castle Walls.
Reward: 11,000 EXP
Notes: Go to the barrier. Then, use the Killer Mushroom Spore Potion at the barrier if you have not already. Go on, and take the top path into that portal. Go right into the thorns, then you’ll have the auto-popup dialogue from investigating.

xii) Over The Castle Walls (3)
Requirement: Get 100 Intoxicated Pig Tails.
Reward: 17,000 EXP
Notes: Go right from that, pass the barrier, and this time, TAKE THE BOTTOM PATH. Take that portal, and the following two maps will have Intoxicated Pigs.

xiii) Over The Castle Walls (4)
Requirement: Use the Thorn Remover on the vines of the outer castle walls.
Reward: 3,300 EXP
Notes: Go back to the map after the barrier, then take the top portal. Use the Thorn Remover at the vines.

xiv) Stop The Wedding
Requirement: Defeat King Pepe and Gold/Gray/White Yeti
Reward: 33,000 EXP
Notes: These can be defeated by going to the East Castle Tower, then assembling a party of 2-6 players to defeat all three.

xv) Sending Provisions (1)
Requirement: Get 200 Destroyed Helmet Pepe Helmets.
Reward: 17,500 EXP
Notes: Go in the castle and defeat Helmet Pepes for this quest. You might want help, since it will take long.

xvi) Sending Provisions (2)
Requirement: Get 200 Broken Spears.
Reward: 17,800 EXP
Notes: Go further in the castle to find the Royal Guard Pepes, which drop Broken Spears. You might also still need help with this quest, since Royal Guard Pepes are harder, and have a special attack.

xvii) The Seal of the Empire
Requirement: Get The Royal Seal of the Mushking Empire
Reward: 22,000 EXP
Notes: Defeat the Prime Minister to find this. This can be done at Rescuing Violetta, which is after killing all 3 King Pepe and Yeti brothers.

xviii) James’ Whereabouts (1)
Requirement: Find James.
Reward: 6,000 EXP
Notes: He’s located at Central Castle Tower, just after Skyscraper 5, and before Skyscraper 6.

xix) James’ Whereabouts (2)
Requirement: Find the Helmet Pepe Helmet.
Reward: 12,000 EXP
Notes: These drop rarely from Helmet Pepes. The helmet looks normal, shiny, compared to the darker, rusted normal helmets you find from the Helmet Pepes.

xx) Where’s Violetta?
Requirement: Find Princess Violetta.
Reward: 4,400 EXP
Notes: Since you have this quest, this means you also have the key to the Wedding Hall. Go back to the PQ place, (Central Castle Tower) then do the Rescuing Violetta PQ by yourself. Good luck~!

xxi) The Story of Betrayal
Requirement: Defeat the Prime Minister.
Reward: 15,000 EXP.
Notes: When you receive this quest, you will automatically fight the Prime Minister when the dialogue is finished.

xxii) The Identity of the Princess
Requirement: Talk to Princess Violetta.
Reward: 7,700 EXP
Notes: Simply talk to her to reveal her face.

xxiii) Eliminating The Rest
Requirement: Eliminate the rest of the Prime Minister’s minions.
Reward: 1,200 EXP
Notes: Not sure how this is completed – However, the key she gives you can be used in
the portal in the middle of Skyscraper 3 to fight Helmet Pepes in a room limit of 1 hour.

xxiv) Truth Revealed
Requirement: Report the Prime Minister’s emblem and King Pepe’s crown to the Mushking.
Reward: 6,600 EXP and Mushking’s Leather Gloves
Notes: Go back to town, and go to the NPC on the throne with the icepack on his head on your left.

xxv) (REPEATABLE) King Pepe’s Scroll
Requirement: 200 Renegade Spores, 200 Poison Mushrooms, 300 Intoxicated Pigs, 400 Helmet Pepes, 400 Royal Guard Pepes
Reward: 4,400 EXP and King Pepe’s Scroll of (job weapon type)
Notes: YOU CANNOT USE KING PEPE’S SCROLL ON ANY OTHER WEAPON THAN A KING PEPE’S ONE. Also, you might want to go in a party to finish all of these off. This is a total of 1,500 to kill for one scroll. All the monsters are found all throughout the Mushroom Castle area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “How do you get a Helmet Pepe’s Helmet? Only the Destroyed Helmet Pepe’s Helmets drop.”
A: The Helmet Pepe’s Helmet is dropped by any Helmet Pepe, just rarely.

Q: “Is there any way people under 30 or above 38 can get in?”
A: No. If you attempt to get inside the vine portal, it won’t let you in.

Q: “How can I get the monster cards from inside if I’m not inside the level range?”
A: You can’t. You may still have a chance at getting the three colors of King Pepe and Yeti, but the other cards are unreachable at this point.

Q: “How come I can’t do the Rescuing Violetta single PQ yet?”
A: You must first do the King Yeti and Pepe party PQ first. Once you have killed all three, you can then finish the quest to proceed on to the Rescuing Violetta single PQ.


-Van (LazyMint) for quest information for King Yeti and Pepe HP info
-various users for Sending Provisions (2)


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